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A Conversation with Leading Expert on The Use of Deception Technologies in Cybersecurity Tony Cole

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: April 29, 2020 in Attivo News

In this OODAcast, OODA CTO Bob Gourley was joined by Tony Cole of Attivo Networks in an interactive discussion on the state of cybersecurity, with a focus on how deception technologies can be leveraged by organizations of all sizes to mitigate risks.

Tony is an icon in the cybersecurity community. He is known both as a practitioner and a thought leader helping businesses and governments understand their risks and prioritize mitigation actions. He is a member of the OODA Network.

As CTO of Attivo Networks he has lead the strategy and vision for the corporation across products, marketing, sales and the development of the Attivo ThreatDefend Deception and Response platform. Attivo Networks is the leader in the cyber deception space and has already shown an ability to change the game on the modern-day human attacker.

Listen to the OODAcast here.

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