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Attivo EDN adds fingerprinting protection

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: July 21, 2020 in Attivo News

According to Attivo Networks, attackers use fingerprinting to identify targets, decide which vulnerabilities to exploit, and determine how to successfully interact with them.

The new EDN Deflect functionality warns of unauthorised host and service scanning, and redirects suspicious endpoint inbound or outbound traffic to decoys for attacker engagement.

Attempts to fingerprint endpoints are regularly missed, according to the company.

“The EDN Deflect feature increases the resistance in the network by preventing an attacker from moving laterally and fingerprinting network and application services,” said Attivo Networks vice president of security research Venu Vissamsetty. “By detecting unauthorized ingress and egress connections both at the source and at the destination, security defenders gain real-time visibility along with conclusive detection alerts.”

Read the full article on ITWire.

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