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Attivo Networks Integrates with Digital Defense Frontline.Cloud

Reading Time: 2 minutes  |  Published: June 12, 2019 in Blogs, Partner

Deception technology is a powerful tool to secure environments against advanced attackers and persistent threats, and it becomes even more powerful when it integrates with the rest of an organization’s security stack.  The Attivo Networks ThreatDefend platform offers over 30 native integrations and has now been integrated with the Frontline.Cloud platform from Digital Defense.

The Frontline.Cloud platform provides threat assessment and vulnerability management capabilities that give an organization a deep understanding of the assets in their environment and the potential vulnerabilities that may result from unpatched, or un-patchable, assets and let them prioritize their most valuable and most vulnerable assets.

The Digital Defense integration with Attivo’s ThreatDefend platform is the industry’s only true on-demand vulnerability and threat asset risk posture assessment app built for hybrid cloud environments. Frontline.Cloud lets security teams focus on identifying and prioritizing the most important assets to proactively harden them against an attack without requiring agents. Frontline.Cloud utilizes data from the BOTsink solution to provide risk-based intelligence and for dynamically deploying additional deception technology assets to augment the current deception environment. Additionally, Frontline.Cloud enables security teams to be more effective in identifying compromised assets and assets under immediate attack in order to quickly misdirect attackers and prioritize remediation of the most important systems based on business context.

The combined solution with Attivo Networks and Digital Defense provides unique advantages in hybrid and cloud environments, and additional advantages in IoT and ICS environments where patching and system maintenance may be difficult due to limited maintenance windows, access, or even the availability of patches for the affected systems.

“Attackers continue to exploit different types of vulnerabilities, compromised systems and blind spots in infrastructure. We are now seeing them target critical infrastructure and IoT devices because the difficulties in patching those assets”, said Larry Hurtado, CEO of Digital Defense. “Security teams have been challenged with identifying and tracking dynamically changing assets, understanding risk in real-time and prioritizing patching efforts, while Digital Defense provides the solution to help security teams address these challenges, it is now time to turn the tables on attackers.”

“Attivo has an extensive deception fabric for accurately detecting and derailing threats and the partnership with Digital Defense further ups the game against attackers”, said Tushar Kothari, CEO of Attivo Networks. “The ability to automatically deploy Attivo deception based on shared vulnerability insights provides a unique and innovative way to reduce risk while increasing the difficulty of an attack. It is a powerful example of how organizations can proactively strengthen their security posture while also building out an Active Defense.”

To learn more, check out our press release and see how the combined solution improves an organization’s security posture.

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