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Attivo Networks Joins Growing Ranks of pxGrid Partners

By Carolyn Crandall


This week Cisco is announcing expansion of its pxGrid information sharing platform and integration through its Identity Services Engine (ISE), with the Attivo Networks Deception Platform. We are pleased to be joining the pxGrid group of technology partners in order to share attack information and improve overall incident response.  The Cisco ISE pxGrid integration with the Attivo Deception Platform will empower organizations to detect threats in real time, automatically blocks attacks, and quarantine infected endpoints, accelerating incident response and preventing attackers from completing their mission.

There is certainly strength in numbers—especially in security–and the pxGrid is open to virtually every network security company, so that the combined security efforts can succeed much better than any solution alone.  As the pxGrid Keeps Growing blog says “Cisco pxGrid reduces the complexity and fragmentation you get with security products that don’t interoperate, and allows you to get more value from the tools you especially need to keep your company safe.  With pxGrid you can automate the sharing of telemetry and even automate the containment of threats…plus you can pull-in identity information from the Identity Services Engine and turn a misbehaving IP address into a real thing: a person, their BYOD type, at a certain location, and access time.”

Attivo is a firm believer in an active defense, which is built upon prevention, detection, and incident response all working hand in hand. Our commitment to derail attacks is rooted deep within our company values and technology, and when our attack forensic analysis is shared through partnership and integration, it can be used to immediately isolate the infected system and block the attacker to stop the cyber-attack. This new integration is one of many we have introduced over the past six months and we anticipate the announcement of several more before the end of the year.

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