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Attivo Networks Named as a Standout in the CRN Emerging Vendor List

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: July 24, 2015 in Attivo News, Awards, Company Awards

Attivo Networks named as a standout in the CRN emerging vendor list. Among the crop of young companies making this year’s CRN Emerging Vendors list, these stand out for their potential impact on the industry.

For organizations that cannot afford costly and compromising security breaches, Attivo Networks provides an additional layer of security for post infection breach detection that detects, lures, and analyzes BOT and APT cyber attacks. Unlike other breach detection approaches, the Attivo solution is frictionless to install, detects zero-day attacks, and scales to protect endpoints, networks, and east west data center traffic. Full forensics and integration with SEIMs provide the ability to trap and destroy targeted attacks along with providing scripts to block future cyber threats. Attivo offerings include BOTsink appliances and virtual BOTsink software.

Decoydocs aren’t exactly new, but the all-encompassing way Attivo Networks is using the genre to go with some patented components is a singular approach.

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