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Attivo Networks Named a Finalist for the 2017 Tech Trailblazers Award

Fremont, CA, – 23 February 2016 – Attivo Networks®, the award-winning leader in deception for cybersecurity defense, announced today that Tech Trailblazers, the first independent and dedicated awards program for enterprise information technology startups, has recognized its ThreatMatrix™ technology on an elite list of finalists for the fifth edition of the Tech Trailblazers Awards in the Security category. Focused on enterprise technology, the global Tech Trailblazers program recognizes and rewards technological and commercial innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

The ThreatMatrix Deception and Response Platform is recognized for its ability to transform the entire network into a trap by using decoys and lures that misdirect an attacker into revealing themselves. The ThreatMatrix Solution notifies of attackers with high-fidelity, actionable alerts that allow security professionals to easily understand the threat and accelerate the incident response process. By utilizing ThreatMatrix, organizations can detect and remediate ransomware, stolen credential, Man-in-the-Middle, phishing, and advanced threats on user networks, data centers, cloud, SCADA, POS, and IOT environments.

“We are honored to be the leading deception provider recognized by Tech Trailblazers” said Tushar Kothari, CEO of Attivo Networks. “Customers are seeing great value in deploying Attivo Networks deception and we look forward to continued market growth and momentum.”


About Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks® is the leader in deception technology for real-time detection, analysis, and accelerated response to advanced, credential, insider, and ransomware cyber-attacks. The Attivo ThreatMatrix™ Deception and Response Platform accurately detects advanced in-network threats and provides scalable continuous threat management for user networks, data centers, cloud, IoT, ICS-SCADA, and POS environments. Attivo Camouflage dynamic deception techniques and decoys set high-interaction traps to efficiently lure attackers into revealing themselves. Advanced attack analysis and lateral movement tracking are auto-correlated for evidence-based alerts, forensic reporting, and automatic blocking and quarantine of attacks. For more information visit


About the Tech Trailblazers Award

Tech Trailblazers is a new concept in awards, designed explicitly for smaller businesses and startups that are five years old or less and at C-series funding or below. The awards have low barriers to entry and aim to recognise both established and up-and-coming startups.


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