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Attivo Networks Powers up with New Energy Impact Partners

Cyber threats to the Energy sector are on the rise. As one of the sixteen national critical infrastructure sectors, it is vital that energy companies are able to adequately defend themselves from advanced persistent attacks, industrial espionage, and state-sponsored attacks.

Towards that end, Attivo Networks®, the recognized leader in deception technology for cybersecurity threat detection, who swept the 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards with a record Seven Plus Wins, has announced a new strategic investor in the company, leading utility-backed energy investment and innovation firm, Energy Impact Partners (EIP).

Cybersecurity continues to be a top priority in the energy sector given the potential economic and human safety impact of an outage to our nation’s critical infrastructure.
The rapid digitization of the energy industry has brought about many operational benefits, but has also increased the potential attack surface, which requires enhanced visibility and real-time detection of cybersecurity threats.

“Operational technology environments present their own unique set of challenges associated with securing devices, which often cannot run anti-virus software, be patched, or are simply not designed to be interconnected,” explained Tushar Kothari, Attivo Networks CEO. “Deception technology provides early detection and misdirection of in-network threat actors attempting to tamper with operational technology environments.”

“Attackers will unknowingly attempt to compromise a decoy asset, providing the highest caliber alert backed by the adversary intelligence required to quickly isolate and remove the threat.”


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