Attivo Networks® to Showcase Deception Technology for an Adaptive Cyber Defense at ILTACON 2017


Attivo Networks® to Showcase Deception Technology for an Adaptive Cyber Defense at ILTACON 2017

Deception Delivers a Motion Denied Ruling on Advanced Threats

Fremont, CA, August 11, 2017 – Attivo Networks®, the award-winning leader in deception for cybersecurity defense, will exhibit deception technology innovation for law firms and enterprise legal departments at the International Legal Technology Association’s ILTACON 2017 conference, to be held August 13-17 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

Attivo will exhibit in Booth #137.

Improving threat detection and response capabilities is a top security concern of law firms and departments. A recent survey of more than 200 law firms found that between 2016 and 2017, every firm had been the target of a breach attempt, but that 40 percent were unaware hackers had targeted them. The survey also found that 100 percent of surveyed firms were out of compliance with at least one of their client’s policy standards, 95 percent were not in compliance with their own data governance and cyber security policies, and 80 percent are not vetting their third-party service providers’ data security practices.

Attivo Networks provides deception technology designed for efficient, early detection of advanced cyber threats targeting client information, critical corporate information assets and third-party intellectual property. In particular, the solution provides detection of attacker reconnaissance, stolen credential, and Active Directory attacks, while providing automated attack analysis that can be used to accelerate incident response. Law firms often operate with limited security resources or have small IT teams, which can have difficulty keeping pace with the increasing volume and complexity of information security threats. Enterprise legal departments can lack the extra layer of adaptive defense critical to protecting corporate and IP assets.

Deception is fast gaining acceptance in recognition of its accuracy and efficiency in detecting in-network threats that have bypassed prevention and evaded other detection security controls. The Attivo Networks ThreatDefend™ Platform creates an in-network deception environment designed to outmaneuver modern-day attackers and deceive them into revealing their presence. Changing the balance of power, the platform makes the entire network a trap and creates a setting where what is real and what is not becomes unclear to the attacker. One wrong move and the attacker’s presence is exposed. High-interaction network and end-point deception lures and decoys reduce time to detection, while automated attack analysis, high-fidelity alerts, third-party integrations, and playbooks accelerate incident response. Visibility tools provide attack path vulnerability assessments and time-lapsed replays, empowering teams with insight into attacker lateral movement and security gaps. With the ThreatDefend solution, customers can conveniently start with base detection capabilities and expand platform usage based upon their business requirements. ThreatDefend is simple to deploy and manage, ideal for firms and departments with limited IT resources.

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About Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks® is the leader in deception technology for real-time detection, analysis, and accelerated response to advanced, credential, insider, and ransomware cyber-attacks. The Attivo ThreatDefend™ Deception and Response Platform accurately detects advanced in-network threats and provides scalable continuous threat management for user networks, data centers, cloud, IoT, ICS-SCADA, and POS environments.  Attivo Camouflage dynamic deception techniques and decoys set high-interaction traps to efficiently lure attackers into revealing themselves. Advanced attack analysis and lateral movement tracking are auto-correlated for evidence-based alerts, forensic reporting, and automatic blocking and quarantine of attacks. For more information visit

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