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Japan’s largest travel agency fears data leak impacts 8 million users

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: June 16, 2016 in Industry News

Japan’s major travel agency JTB has admitted to a cyberattack which it fears has led to the theft of data belonging to 7.93 million users.

In today’s day and age where major data breaches are heard of almost weekly, the odd eight million doesn’t sound too critical. However, in JTB’s case, the travel agency believes that not only have customer names, addresses and email addresses been stolen, but also their passport numbers.

The only saving grace, as reported by local media Japan Times, is that only around 4,300 of these passport numbers is believed to be valid — a small subsection of the leaked data, but one that could cause serious issues to fliers should the data be sold on for the sake of creating fake passports, travel documents or identity theft.


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