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Baltimore struck with Robbinhood ransomware, city servers down

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: May 8, 2019 in Industry News

Baltimore’s government computer system was hit reportedly with Robbinhood ransomware yesterday shutting down most of the city’s servers and forcing the city council to cancel meetings.

The Baltimore Sun obtained a copy of the ransom note which contained a demand list asking for 3 bitcoins, about $17,600, to decrypt individual systems or 13 bitcoins, about $76,000, to decrypt all the city’s systems.

The city has four days to pay or the price would escalate and after 10 days the servers would be wiped.

“Baltimore City core essential services (police, fire, EMS and 311) are still operational but it has been determined that the city’s network has been infected with a ransomware virus. City employees are working diligently to determine the source and extent of the infection,” Tweeted Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young.


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