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Using Deception to Counter RDP Attacks

Reading Time: 2 minutes  |  Published: January 31, 2019 in Blogs, Deception

Written by: Mike Parkin, Product Marketing Engineer - A recent blog post by Ionut Arghire over at SecurityWeek highlighted both Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) attacks, and attackers using obfuscation and encryption techniques to mask communication while they’re leveraging RDP.  It’s an interesting read and it...

Cloud Cover with Attivo and Palo Alto Networks

Reading Time: 3 minutes  |  Published: January 16, 2019 in Blogs, Partner

Written by: Joseph Salazar, Technical Marketing Engineer - Recently, Attivo Networks® attended the Palo Alto Networks Cloud Security Summit in Irvine, CA, where we had productive discussions with customers and other partners regarding the value of leveraging deception technology to strengthen security both on-premises and...


DarkVishnya: Attacking from the Inside – Again

Reading Time: 3 minutes  |  Published: January 4, 2019 in Blogs, Pen Testing

Written by: Mike Parkin, Attivo Networks Product Marketing Engineer - Once again, cyberattacks that rely on physical access have made headlines.  This time, the culprit is an attack dubbed DarkVishnya that came to light targeting banks in Eastern Europe. This sophisticated attack relies on intruders placing...


10 Ways to Protect Against Cyberattacks

Reading Time: 5 minutes  |  Published: December 14, 2018 in Blogs, Deception

Written by: Carolyn Crandall, Attivo Networks CMO and Chief Deception Officer - As the threat landscape continues to evolve, today’s security experts will emphasize that both perimeter security and active, in-network defenses are required to build a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. However,  they’ll also share that cyber hygiene is taking...


Las prioridades del CISO: La Visibilidad de la red

Reading Time: 4 minutes  |  Published: December 5, 2018 in Español

Escrito Por: Juan Vazquez, Gerente de Ventas Regionales - Uno de los problemas que añejamente han enfrentado las organizaciones respecto al tema de ciberseguridad, es la falta de visibilidad sobre la red interna y de manera muy particular la detección de ciber amenazas que se ignoran...