CMO Inflect 2018 – Role and Impact of the CMO


CMO Inflect 2018 – Role and Impact of the CMO

TiE Silicon Valley’s CMO Inflect: Winning in the Market event brought together a group of marketing executives, entrepreneurs, and revenue driving leaders together for an exchange of insights, ideas, and trends.

One of these panels focused on the Role and Impact of the CMO. What ought to be the goal of the CMO? An ever evolving role, how has it changed over time? What are the new challenges that CMOs of today are facing? Do CMOs need to be technologists to truly promote their companies? What does the role of the CMO look like depending on the stage of the company (early, mid-stage, public)? These are just some of the questions the speakers answered in this panel!


Steven Wastie – CMO, Unravel Data


Carolyn Crandall – CMO, Attivo Networks
Aruna Ravichandran – VP of Global Marketing, Cisco
Wayne Ariola – CMO, Tricentis

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