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Cyber Defense Magazine Review: BOTsink

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: May 21, 2020 in Attivo News, Industry News

The Attivo BOTsink was recently reviewed by P. R. Stephenson, PhD, CISSP (ret), exclusively at Cyber Defense Magazine.

“I’ve had the opportunity to see the BOTsink through several versions and it just keeps getting better and better.  There is no doubt that it is a true next generation security tool. We are in an environment where malicious acts occur at wire speeds and it is not possible for human operators to keep up. The only real answer today is automation and the only useful automation today is AI, particularly unsupervised machine learning. There is a tendency for security engineers to view deception networks as some sort of souped-up honey pot. That could not be much farther from the truth as BOTsink demonstrates.

“Today’s deception network must be able to detect and respond to attacks and – better – to derail the attack completely. With layered capabilities, BOTsink is about as far-removed from its ancestral honeynets as is likely in the near term.  As deception networks evolve, I expect to see more innovation coming from Attivo. The core area of growth that I see is leveraging AI to automate the deception, response and forensics capabilities even more than they are today. This growth is not simply the addition of features but, rather, the expansion of the platform to make a more powerful system with growth built in from the start.  My opinion is that Attivo is well along this path and I expect to be testing and experimenting with it for some time to come.

“BOTsink is highly recommended.”

Read the complete review at Cyber Defense Magazine.

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