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Cyber Prevention Is No Panacea

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: March 13, 2020 in Attivo News

By Tony Cole, CTO, Attivo Networks

Last year Gartner estimated cybersecurity spending to grow to $124 Billion US dollars globally, and by 2021 to be over $170 Billion yet we consistently hear about major compromise after major compromise. What’s going on? Why isn’t the massive amount of dollars being pumped into our security infrastructure, paying dividends by stopping breaches?

It’s really a simple answer:  we’re spending almost all of it on preventative technology, which doesn’t always work to stop attacks. Today, battle-hardened security experts understand that we cannot prevent all attacks from getting into our enterprise and that we need to even the odds. We must allocate portions of our resources into quickly detecting attacks that overcome or bypass our preventative security stack. They understand that a determined attacker, given enough time and resources, can almost always find a way to get through our defenses. Our job isn’t to prevent every attack since that isn’t possible. It’s to stop what we reasonably can and quickly detect any breach and promptly mitigate the impact of that compromise. In 2020, that’s a win.

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