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Cybersecurity in 2018: broader scope of innovation and bigger venture dollars

Given the explosion of ransomware attacks in 2017 and stunning breaches like those at Equifax and the National Security Agency, it’s no surprise that corporations worldwide invested yet another record amount in cybersecurity products and services.

Predictably, venture capitalists and their counterparts inside corporations also invested a record amount in cybersecurity startups.

Will we see more of the same in 2018? The answer is yes.

Here are the key developments likely to spur investment activity on all fronts in 2018…

  • Heightened attention to cybersecurity offensive countermeasures. Cybersecurity has been mostly defense-oriented, but this has never been sufficient. Moving forward, we will see more companies spring up along the lines of Attivo Networks, a leader in deception solutions. Attivo applies deception-based decoy and luring technologies within networks to misdirect attackers and deceive them into revealing themselves. (Disclosure: My firm has invested in Attivo.)


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