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Why Deception Technology Will Change The Game In Our Favor Against Cybercrime And Breaches

As I said in my recent presentation on Time-based Security, which was first discovered and written about by Winn Schwartau in his book of the same title, either we find a way to make breaches go slower or we must be able to detect and respond to them much faster. On one side of the coin, we have the concept of DecoyDocs and encryption and on the other side we have real-time threat intelligence through A.I., machine learning and human intelligence.

I’ve looked into DecoyDocs  for many years. I love because it is the first open source concept on deception technology that made it mainstream. However, many of us want to buy a commercial solution, just like, while it’s fun to deploy IP Tables, none of us really want to build our own firewall from scratch.

Then, I heard about Attivo and as one of the four CDM judges on our Infosec Awards from 2017, with them being one of our winners, receiving an overwhelming positive vote from the judges, I wanted to dig into what they are up to a little further and look at them within the purview of the Time-based Security model – could a solution like the Attivo ThreatDefend™ Deception and Response Platform actually deliver a way to slow down the breaches, because, frankly, we’re not yet going fast enough to stop them?


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