‘Don’t Wait: The Evolution of Proactive Threat Hunting’ (Learn More)


‘Don’t Wait: The Evolution of Proactive Threat Hunting’ (Learn More)

Raytheon Company commissioned a new global study which reveals that organizations worldwide wait until they fall victim to a damaging cyber attack – before engaging a provider of managed security services (MSS). Two-thirds of survey respondents indicated that not until there is a significant data loss from an IT security breach are their organizations motivated to engage a vendor.

Don’t Wait: The Evolution of Proactive Threat Hunting, a survey of 1,784 information security leaders in 19 countries about outsourcing network security activities, also revealed organizations are looking for more from their providers than traditional services such as firewalls, intrusion detection and virtual private networks. To truly defend their networks from attacks amidst staff shortfalls, budget pressures and higher-risk cyber environments, security leaders are adopting MSS that include advanced capabilities like hunting, incident response and integration services, currently offered by a small subset of today’s providers.


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