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EDN prevents viewing and accessing production data

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: July 20, 2020 in Attivo News

Attivo Networks has expanded its Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) security solution. 

It now offers file protection against ransomware attacks by hiding or denying access to productively assigned shares, cloud storage and selected files or folders.

By hiding this information, EDN limits the malware’s ability to move around the network because it can only access the deception environment created by Attivo. This reduces the risk of successful data compromise.

Advanced human-made attacks, now commonly known as ransomware 2.0, use APT-like tactics designed to bypass traditional security mechanisms. These threat actors often do not encrypt data and demand ransom for the first system they compromise. Instead, they use it as a gateway into the network to carry out network recognition, read the Active Directory, move laterally and identify high-quality objects. Only after the attackers have found the most important company assets, encrypted the critical data or taken control of the assets, a ransom is demanded.

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