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eWeek – How Attivo Networks is Raising the Bar on DecoyDoc Security

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: July 24, 2015 in Attivo News, Showcase

If ever there was a need for new ideas in IT security, the time is now.  All one has to do is mention hacking victims like Target, Home Depot, Sony and the IRS, and the images come wincingly to mind.

It’s pretty obvious that passwords, firewalls and private networks simply aren’t going to cut it anymore. It’s all too easy for even a semi-sophisticated cyber-criminal to scan for passwords and find back doors into Shangri-Las of personal and business data that sooner or later amount  to illicit money in his bank account.

Well, truth be told, there are some new ideas coming that may finally cut the bad guys off at the pass before they can do significant damage. Most of these initiatives involve proactive schemes that use analytics to predict what might happen in a data breach, assess risk and either warn the stakeholder, halt the action in progress, or both. Others are more data-centric, guarding individual items within a store and sending out alarms if anything is moved by someone who shouldn’t be doing any moving.

Unlike other breach detection approaches, the Attivo solution is frictionless to install, detects zero-day attacks, and scales to protect endpoints, networks, and east west data center traffic.

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