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For the Cybersecurity Industry, Diversity Means Embracing New Ideas

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: April 6, 2020 in Attivo News

Embracing diversity and inclusion has become a major initiative for all verticals, but it has never been a higher priority for the cybersecurity industry.

There is already a massive cybersecurity skills gap, and it’s only going to grow wider. It’s more important than ever to have a new mindset when identifying the best candidates to fill open positions—even independent of direct experience. Businesses should reassess how they recruit, how they train new employees, and how they communicate across all levels of the organization to stay competitive.

Read the SC Magazine article by Carolyn Crandall, Attivo Networks Chief Deception Officer, to learn how to foster an inclusive environment built on teaching, collaboration, and experimentation.

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