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How can enterprises leverage deception technology to protect against cyber criminals?

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: November 15, 2019 in Attivo News

Although deception technology sounds like something in the attacker’s toolkit, it’s actually for organisations to take advantage of against malicious actors

Those who say “you can’t fight fire with fire” simply haven’t worked in cybersecurity. Today, we know that you can fight artificial intelligence-driven attacks with artificial intelligence-driven solutions. This article explores another example; in particular, we’re looking at how you can fight trickery with trickery using deception technology.

Although deception technology sounds a lot like something in the attacker’s portfolio, it’s actually something that organisations can leverage for an advantage against malicious actors.

It may be a terrible thing to admit, but there’s something enjoyable about playing someone at their own game. Historically, malicious actors have attacked organisations (and still do) through deception in the form of social engineering. Since the advent of computers, social engineering attacks such as phishing have wreaked havoc by tricking even the most tech-savvy people into the attacker’s mercy – but there’s nothing quite like giving someone a taste of their own medicine, eh?

Deception technology allows organisations to do just that. In particular, companies can use deception technology to create traps or decoys where security is often compromised. This includes legacy systems and connected Internet of Things devices, both of which are typical enterprise assets today.


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