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How healthcare security efforts can incorporate advanced tech tools

Several factors can increase a healthcare providers’ vulnerability. Medical devices with IoT capabilities, for example, make the task of implementing traditional network security monitoring much more difficult because of transient connectivity. Additionally, electronic access to medical records increases patient satisfaction but poses an additional network security risk. Even so, healthcare IT teams are often limited by budget and resources and frequently lack the tools necessary to combat today’s modern attacker.

The answer is increasing network security, not reducing deployments of IoT medical devices or limiting access to essential healthcare IT tools. To do this successfully, healthcare IT teams will require new and advanced tools in their arsenal that not only defend the network perimeter, but also increase their ability to proactively detect and respond to in-network threats efficiently and effectively…

Deception technology is a powerful tool that can help secure company assets, safeguard patient data and transform the network into an environment where the attacker cannot determine what is real and what is fake. These traps and lures detect lateral movement, credential theft, ransomware and Active Directory reconnaissance, ultimately revealing an attacker’s activities as they try to scan systems or attempt to download malware onto medical devices.