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LabCorp attack highlights persistent ransomware threat to health sector

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: July 20, 2018 in Attivo News

Ransomware has hit the vast medical-testing and blood diagnostics company LabCorp, the latest health care organization to be targeted by the digital-hostage-taking malware.

After detecting “suspicious activity” on its IT network over the weekend of July 14, LabCorp determined that it had been affected by “a new variant of ransomware,” company spokeswoman Pattie Kushner told CyberScoop.

The North Carolina-based company, which has 60,000 employees worldwide and processes 2.5 million patient samples per week, is working with outside security experts and law enforcement to recover from the attack…

Tony Cole, a cybersecurity consultant who also has done incident response in the sector, told CyberScoop that the challenges of securing health data, from medical records to outdated medical devices, are myriad.

“Health care breaches are a major concern and the levels of criticality are entirely dependent on the threat actor(s) involved,” said Cole, who is CTO of cybersecurity company Attivo Networks. “The companies that make up this part of our critical infrastructure have a hard job of keeping data secure at rest and in transit across a vast swath of different systems.”


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