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Meet the 2019 ChannelPro Vendors on the Vanguard

AT PRESENT, there are something like 100,000 vendors globally, according to Forrester analyst Jay McBain. Software vendors, that is. Add in hardware makers, and you’ve got yourself a mound of potential technology partners bigger than any channel pro can even possibly sort through on his or her own.

Why not let us do some of the sorting for you, then? Here once again is our annual list of up-and-coming, underappreciated, and emerging vendors. There are many others out there, but we think you’ll find this batch especially worth the introduction…

Attivo Networks Inc.

Job No. 1 for any provider of security services is to keep bad guys out of customer environments. When those efforts fail—and they will eventually, no matter how good you are—Job No. 2 is spotting the breach and mitigating its effects.

That’s where Attivo Networks aims to help. In a new spin on the threat detection and response products businesses increasingly use to undo the effects of successful attacks, Attivo makes a threat deception and response solution that employs various kinds of decoys and lures to fool intruders into exposing their presence inside the firewall. Preassembled incident response processes can then kick in to implement automated, orchestrated remediation measures. The system is designed to be easy enough for small businesses to deploy and operate, and it’s priced to fit SMB budgets as well.


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