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Nearly 6,000 online stores hit by hackers


Nearly 6,000 online stores hit by hackers

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Thousands of retailers have been hit by credit card detail stealing malware. They way the hackers got in? unpatched software flaws. Over 5,900 e-commerce sites contain malware that steals victim’s credit card details, according to a security researcher. The malicious code has been placed on 5,925 compromised sites by hackers, according to Dutch security analyst Willem De Groot. He said that hackers gained access to a store’s source code using various unpatched software flaws.

“Once a store is under control of a perpetrator, a (Javascript) wiretap is installed that funnels live payment data to an off-shore collection server (mostly in Russia). This wiretap operates transparently for customers and the merchant,” he said in a blog post.

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