New Study on Deception as Offensive Weapon Featured in Webinar


New Study on Deception as Offensive Weapon Featured in Webinar

Michael Suby of Frost & Sullivan to discuss Deception as a Cyber Security Discipline

Fremont, CA., October 6, 2016Attivo Networks®, the award-winning leader in deception for cyber security threat detection, today announced that Michael Suby of Frost & Sullivan Stratecast will discuss the use of deception as an offensive cybersecurity weapon in his webinar “Deception as a Security Discipline for Advanced Threat Detection and Defense.” Suby is the author of a new study “Deception as a Security Discipline: Going on the Offensive in the Cybersecurity Battlefield”. The webinar will provide insights into how deception works, why it is such an effective defense inside the network, and the four attributes CISOs should look for in selecting the right deception solution: authenticity; vitality; automation; and ambition.

“Cybersecurity must change as current approaches are too slow and too incomplete in recognizing the threats that have already set up camp in your systems,” Suby states. “This situation is further compounded by security talent who are so swamped just trying to maintain their current security infrastructure, that they have little time or patience to try new solutions.” He adds that deception delivers an effective and efficient defense that will actually put a security posture on the offensive. The webinar will address:

• Moving to an assumed breach security posture combined with reliable early detection and threat visibility
• Accelerating response actions to close the gap between compromise and remediation
• Justifying the budget shift to detection
• Insights from the Frost & Sullivan Stratecast Analysis Report

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, October 12 from 9AM to 10AM PST. To register please click here.

About Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks® is an award-winning leader in deception technology for real-time detection, analysis, and acceleration of incident response to cyber-attacks. The Attivo Threat Matrix™ Deception and Response Platform provides early detection of advanced, stolen credential, ransomware, and phishing attacks that are inside user networks, data centers, clouds, IoT and ICS-SCADA environments. By deceiving attackers into revealing themselves, comprehensive attack analysis is efficiently gathered, actionable alerts raised, and response actions automated with prevention system integrations. As part of the continuous threat management platform, ThreatPath™ provides vulnerability assessment of attack paths for proactive incident prevention. For more information, visit

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