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Welcome to the Attivo Networks News Page.  Here you will find Attivo Networks press releases,  news articles covering Attivo, and industry cyber security news.

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  • cyber defense tv

    Deception Technology to Outmaneuver and Reveal In-Network Threats

    During RSAC 2019, Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer at Attivo Networks, sat down with Gary Miliefsky, Publisher at Cyber Defense Magazine, to discuss her unique title and how deception technology is changing the game against cyberattackers. ...

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  • Not Another GDPR Comment

    Many organisations have been able to address Articles 32 and 25 of GDPR, but many still struggle with Article 33. Numerous organisations have difficulty identifying if an incident happened and if it happened, they have trouble modifying their strategy to report within 72 hours. Previous directives from the EU 95/46 made no specific mention of data ...

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  • Beefing Up Your Next Generation Security Tool Set

    For this article, I will introduce you to a true AI system that can work closely with your deception network. If you haven’t got a deception network yet – perhaps you depend upon a SIEM and/or next-generation firewalls – this approach will be a real force multiplier for you. Remember that term: “force multiplier”. This occurs when the pie...

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Attivo is an award-winning leader in deception for inside-the-network real-time threat detection and incident response for the networks, data centers, cloud, ICS-SCADA and IoT  infrastructure.