IDEntitleX Solution Brief

Why Choose IDEntitleX

Entitlement Visibility for Cloud

Active Directory user accounts are the principal identity and the primary security focus in a traditional enterprise network. As organizations expand to the cloud, they must provision identities and entitlements for users and “non-human” identities such as applications, virtual machines, containers, serverless functions, and other objects. These identities and entitlements increase the attack surface, and therefore the risks, to the organization. The Attivo Networks IDEntitleX solution efficiently addresses these challenges.

Why Customers Choose IDEntitleX
Entitlement Policy Visualization
Entitlement Change Monitoring and Analysis
Security Posture Analysis
Identity, Role/ Permission, and Resource Discovery
Cross-Cloud Entitlement Correlation

“I like it. A powerful simple tool… with a straightforward, consolidated UI…”

Tj Janz, Security and Network Analyst at Vancouver Fraser Port Authority​

Awards For Attivo Networks Solutions

SC 2020 Awards
Global InfoSec Awards for 2021
Info Security Products Guide 2020 Gold
Astors award platinum 2019

IDEntitleX for Cloud Attack Surface Reduction

Gain actionable awareness of cloud identity and entitlement exposures

Identify and reduce risk using the intuitive and interactive graphical visualizations for cloud identities, roles/permissions, and resource. Gain the visibility needed to reduce attack pathways within the cloud environment.

Global and platform-specific cloud visibility
Object-specific risk assessments
Entitlement visualizations
Customizable risk assessments
Entitlement change tracking
Protected Assets
Storage Buckets
Serverless Functions
Virtual Machines
and more

Features of IDENTITLEX

Securing Identities with the IDEntitleX Solution

The IDEntitleX solution plays a critical role in giving visibility and reducing the attack surface for identities and entitlements in the cloud.

  • Global cloud visibility

    • Understand exposures with identity and entitlement summaries across platforms.

  • Platform-specific cloud visibility

    • Monitor entitlements to key cloud services, such as AWS S3 and Azure Key Vault.

  • Visualization for Enterprise-wide Exposures

    • View endpoint, Active Directory, and cloud exposures from a consolidated management console.

  • Object-specific risk assessment

    • Isolate objects by risk and analyze the details of their entitlements.

  • Entitlement visualization

    • Graph the end-to-end relationships between objects to understand the extent of access and how it was granted.

  • Customizable risk assessment

    • Customize the risk assigned to an entitlement to optimize.

  • Entitlement change tracking

    • Generate events when entitlement changes impact critical objects.


Gain a unified view of identities and exposures across the organization

Visibility to identities and entitlements
across multi-cloud environments

visibility icon

Visibility to users, groups, and
applications by risk

Attack path and identity exposure
visibility across the enterprise

alert icon

Detection for identity privilege escalation across cloud environments

Easy deployment and management