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Why Customers Choose ADSecure for Active Directory Protection

Innovative Active Directory security against attacks targeting critical production objects

With the ADSecure solution, organizations gain Active Directory security without interfering with production Domain Controllers. When an attacker queries AD, the solution hides real results, creating an altered reality that misdirects the attack. Organizations can now hide valuable enterprise resource information to reduce the attack surface. By misdirecting attackers into the deception environment, the platform can safely study the attack to gather Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) and company-specific threat intelligence for accelerated response.

ADSecure Module Capabilities

PROTECT Hide real data, deliver deceptive results

Hide real data, reduce
the attack surface.


Supports all popular
Microsoft AD objects

visibility icon

Deep Telemetry
for awareness and
Threat Hunting

DISCREET Adds deceptive objects without impacting production AD

Adds deceptive objects
without impacting
production AD

ADSecure ™ Active Directory Security Solution

Active Directory Protection without affecting production.



01   The attacker compromises a production PC

02   The attacker uses an application to query AD for Domain admin accounts

03   The AD server responds with production results

04   ADSecure hides the production results to reduce the attack surface

05   ADSecure presents deceptive data to misdirect the attacker

06   Attacker follows decoy credentials to deception environment


  • Privileged Credentials

    • — Active Directory Protection against privileged credential theft with decoy credentials

  • Service Accounts

    • — Gain visibility into service account compromises that allow attackers to access elevated privileges on endpoints

  • Shadow Admin Accounts

    • — Identify ACL misconfigurations that give accounts elevated rights without proper group membership

  • Domain Controllers

    • — Gain visibility and awareness of attacker activity targeting critical domain servers

  • Critical Users and Computers

    • — Protect high value user and system accounts from attacker comprise.

“ADSecure finally gives me an advantage over the attacker.”

VP, Infosec & IT Risk, Real Estate Equities Firm