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ThreatDirect™ Virtual Deception Solution

The ThreatDirect™ solution is a virtual deception-based detection system that provides deception in remote and branch offices without the need for additional BOTsink appliances. The solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with a centrally deployed BOTsink appliance to engage attackers and alert on malicious activity. The ThreatDirect solution is typically deployed in an environment where a full BOTsink deployment is not feasible or cost is a determining factor.

ThreadDirect(TM) - Virtual Deception Solution

Deployment Options

  • Provides deception-based detection for remote/branch offices
  • Removes the need for a locally deployed BOTsink appliance
  • Supports micro-segmented networks


  • Identifies network activities through the analysis of multicast & broadcast traffic
  • Identifies reconnaissance & lateral movement activity as well as stolen credential attacks
  • Detects Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks

Addresses Remote/Branch Office Challenges

While Remote/Branch Offices (ROBO) are still part of the organization’s security infrastructure, security teams often lack visibility into that portion of the network because it is far removed from headquarters and lacks local skilled professionals to operate its security infrastructure.

  • Full featured deception-based detection
  • Cost effective deployment
  • Local skilled s

Deploying ThreatDirect: 3 Use Cases

  1. ROBO detection where the ability to deploy physical security infrastructure or accessed to skilled security resources may be limited
  2. Micro-segmented networks where deploying security is difficult
  3. For enabling deception-based threat detection managed service offerings
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