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ThreatInject™ Attack Simulation Tool

The ThreatInject™ solution is an Attivo Networks created simulation tool that provides the ability to discover managed and unmanaged credentials, and test their authenticity along with the computers that these credentials point to. The simulator will demonstrate an attack launch using the selected credentials, query Active Directory to calculate authenticity and understand credential access, and to simulate attacker behavior. Similar to a penetration test, the ThreatInject simulator empowers an organization with a window into what an attacker would see for credentials, and demonstrates that their deception environment is working accurately and reliably. The tool is available by request.

Benefits of the ThreatInject simulation tool:

  • Verifies the authenticity of deception credentials
  • Stress-tests deception to validate its authentication against Active Directory
  • Provides a window into what an attacker would see for credentials and computer hosts