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ThreatPath™ Attack Path Vulnerability Assessment

The Attivo ThreatPath™ solution provides an attack path vulnerability assessment based on likely attack paths that an attacker would traverse through misconfigured systems or credential misuse. A topographical illustration of the attack paths provides a straight-forward view of how an attacker can move laterally once they have engaged with their first end-point system. Clickable drill downs provide the details of weaknesses and IP addresses for systems needing to be isolated and/or fixed. Integrations with prevention systems can be leveraged for automated response actions and trouble tickets can be activated inside the dashboard.

Benefits of the ThreatPath solution

  • Visibility into misconfigurations and insight for hardening best practices
  • Awareness of misused credential vulnerabilities
  • Continuous visibility of policy adherence
  • Topographical map of attack paths
  • Consistent monitoring of end-points and servers

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