Introduction to ThreatStrike Animated Video

Endpoint-based Threat Deception

Early Detection of Prevention of Credential Theft

The Attivo ThreatStrike solution is an agentless technology that resides on the endpoint as a first line of defense against credential theft. Credentials are hidden and bound to applications, while deception credentials lure attackers into engaging and revealing themselves. Through misdirection of the attack, organizations gain the advantage of time to detect, analyze, and stop an attacker.

Why Customers Choose ThreatStrike Deception
Detection &
Deception Authenticity
Credential Theft
Deployment Flexibility
& Agentless Scalability
Endpoint Attack Forensics

“Attivo is surfacing alerts that are not being seen by any of our other security tools ​and the beauty is that attention is mainly needed only when there is a threat.”

Sr Director Info Sec, Fortune 200 company

Awards For Endpoint Detection Net (EDN)

SC 2020 Awards
Info Security Products Guide 2020 Gold
Astors award platinum 2019

ThreatStrike Endpoint-based Prevention & Detection

Gain immediate value with Credential Theft Protection & Accelerated Response.

Detect & Prevent

Credential Theft
& Harvesting




Attacks & Create
Forensic Reports

ThreatStrike Defend Alerting, Deflection, & Automated Isolation

Alerting, Deflection,
& Automated Isolation

EndPoint Deception





Benefits of ThreatStrike Endpoint Suite

Gain immediate value by deploying network-based threat deception.


Detection of credential theft
and ransomware attacks


Alerts on credential use
or bait engagement

Proactively redirect and deflect attacks

Proactively block unauthorized
access & redirect attacks


Machine learning & AD
verified for authenticity


Agentless design non-disruptively
scales for global deployments


High-fidelity alerts
empower fast response


Automated analysis, correlation,
visualization maps reduce MTTR

Automated icon

Integrations automate
endpoint isolation

Features of ThreatStrike Endpoint Suite

Detect & Prevent Attacks from In-Network Malicious Actors & Insiders

Protect against unauthorized access and deceive external and internal threats (employees, suppliers, contractors) into revealing themselves.

  • Comprehensive

    • Early detection of endpoint credential theft and harvesting.
    • Hides credentials from attackers and replaces with realistic decoys.
    • Binds credentials to applications to prevent unauthorized access.
    • Supports popular application targets: Windows services, browsers, databases and email clients

  • Authentic & Attractive Credentials

    • Customized to appear as production user.
    • Active directory integration for authenticity.

  • Ransomware Derailment

    • Ransomware deception bait.
    • High-interaction deception to stall attack.
    • Protects production data from exploitation

  • Accurate Detection

    • Reuse of deception credentials or engagement with deception triggers a high-fidelity alert.
    • Failed login detection via SIEM integration and query.
    • Alerts are substantiated from engagement and actionable removing false positive fatigue.

Simple, Scalable Deployment for Endpoint Threat Deception

Flexible deployment options backed by machine-learning simplify deployment and ongoing operations.

  • Simple & Scalable

    • Agentless for simple deployment.
    • Flexible deployment options.
    • Designed to non-disruptively deploy and scale for large global networks.

  • Self-Managing Deployment & Refresh

    • Intelligent self-learning automates deployment.
    • Machine learning campaign proposals for automated refresh of the deception environment.

  • Central Management

    • Central global deployment management.
    • Integration with EDR Tools.
    • SIEM tool integration to query for failed logins.

Use Cases

  • Credential Protection

    By hiding credentials and binding them to applications, attackers are unable to gain unauthorized access. Once real credentials are cloaked, deceptive decoys take their place, acting as breadcrumbs to capture threat intelligence.

  • Local Account Threat Protection

    By seeding deceptive credentials everywhere that appear real and hiding local admin accounts, organizations can detect when attackers attempt to compromise them.

  • Cloud Credential Attacks

    The solution provides deceptive credentials, access keys, containers, storage buckets, database tables, and database connectors, alerting on stolen credential theft and ruse, and cloud application activity.

  • Wire Transfer Credential Attacks

    Financial organizations can detect SWIFT credentials attacks and capture account information used for fraud.

  • AD Attack Interception

    Security teams can protect critical AD objects against unauthorized access to prevent their misuse by attackers.
Deployment Options

ThreatStrike for Credential Theft

Early Detection of Credential Theft
Agentless credential deceptions that appear in memory and registry keys.

ThreatStrike for Cloud

Early Detection of Cloud Credential Harvesting
Agentless credential deceptions that appear as AWS cloud credentials.