Deception to Enhance Endpoint Detection and Response

11:33 16 April in

Deception technology is “sleight of hand” for your environment, diverting attackers away from production assets and strengthening the other components of your cybersecurity stack. Coupled with EDR on the endpoints and conventional perimeter defenses, a deception suite enhances your defense-in-depth strategy and makes an attacker’s...

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Cyber Deception: How To Build A Program

15:34 12 February in

Geoff Hancock, has been in cybersecurtity for 27 years. He has worked in military, intelligence community, civilian agencies and corporations, conducing cyber operations, Active Cyber Defense, Deception and Intelligence. He has been a CISO, CTO and VP and currently is the CEO of Advanced Cybersecurity Group,...

M&A Customer Case Study

10:41 09 October in

This white paper will delve into some of the information security challenges organizations are likely to face during the M&A process, and how using deception technology to identify potential issues and will make the infrastructure integration process smoother and more secure. ...

Attivo Networks Deception Technology for Mergers and Acquisitions

10:59 04 October in

Deception technology can play a critical role in Mergers and Acquisition situations, providing vital detection and visibility capabilities for due diligence and post-merger integrations. Check out this white paper for more on the benefits of deception technology before, during, and after a merger/ acquisition scenario. ...