Attivo Networks Deception Technology for Mergers and Acquisitions

10:59 04 October in

Deception technology can play a critical role in Mergers and Acquisition situations, providing vital detection and visibility capabilities for due diligence and post-merger integrations. Check out this white paper for more on the benefits of deception technology before, during, and after a merger/ acquisition scenario. ...

Threat Deception for the Legal Sector

15:41 05 July in

Legal organizations are actively turning to deception technology as the preferred method for early and accurate detection of threats that have bypassed other security controls. Deception technology gives legal organizations the internal visibility often lacking in traditional security infrastructures. To learn more about what benefits the...

Deception for a SWIFT Defense

13:30 12 June in

The SWIFT network links more than 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, and as such, requires a level of trust between member institutions to ensure the integrity of the network. Unfortunately, the SWIFT network has increasingly become a target of...