Attivo Networks® DecoyDocs Datasheet

15:01 14 May in

The ThreatDefend Deception and Response Platform provides an inherently offensive counterintelligence function. The solution seeks to disrupt and degrade the information-gathering and attack operations an adversary conducts inside the network, while at the same time providing collective counterintelligence functions by helping develop threat and adversary...

Effectively Defend Against Insider Threats

11:23 21 March in

It is increasingly important for organizations to be able to identify and stop attacks from within. Whether these threats are from employees, contractors, or suppliers, insider threats start with the advantage of already being inside—often with privileged access to the network and sensitive information. ...

Deception Technology—Much more than a Honeypot

11:56 26 February in

This solution brief will detail the origins of honeypots, the logic behind them, and what features ultimately inhibited their universal adoption - followed by a look into what comprises present-day deception technology, how it has evolved, and the functionalities that are catalyzing worldwide deployment and adoption. ...

Deception for Mergers & Acquisitions

14:06 27 October in

When an acquisition is announced, both organizations experience an increase in target profiles and public visibility. This typically results in both organizations making themselves targets of increased cyber threats and attacks....