Deception to Enhance Endpoint Detection and Response

11:33 16 April in

Deception technology is “sleight of hand” for your environment, diverting attackers away from production assets and strengthening the other components of your cybersecurity stack. Coupled with EDR on the endpoints and conventional perimeter defenses, a deception suite enhances your defense-in-depth strategy and makes an attacker’s...


ThreatDefend® Platform Feature Highlight: ThreatDirect®

11:26 27 February in

The Attivo Networks® ThreatDefend® platform includes the ThreatDirect® feature that provides organization with the ability to easily and efficiently project deception into remote locations and microsegmented networks, extending their coverage without needing to deploy additional BOTsink® deception servers. ...

vulnerability simulation

ThreatDefend® Feature Highlight: Vulnerability Simulation

14:45 21 February in

Organizations can configure the Attivo Networks® BOTsink® appliance to simulate known vulnerabilities, giving highly accurate alerts if an attacker attempts to leverage one against the organization. This form of simulation responds to an attacker’s effort as if it was vulnerable without actually compromising the target...

image of a chess board

Cyber Deception: How To Build A Program

15:34 12 February in

Geoff Hancock, has been in cybersecurtity for 27 years. He has worked in military, intelligence community, civilian agencies and corporations, conducing cyber operations, Active Cyber Defense, Deception and Intelligence. He has been a CISO, CTO and VP and currently is the CEO of Advanced Cybersecurity Group,...


Deception Myths: Clarifying Industry Misconceptions

11:51 28 January in

The earliest deception systems were used primarily for research and they were difficult to set up and maintain. Those preliminary experiences have led to some myths and misconceptions about deception. This paper will address and debunk those myths, while detailing how deception has evolved into...


Threat Deception for an Active Defense

15:42 25 January in

Attivo Networks® deception-based threat detection shifts the power to the defender with a unique approach that reduces risk, accelerates incident response, and improves the overall effectiveness and efficiency of existing security controls. To learn more about deception-based threat detection, view this document. ...