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Russian infosec firm Positive Technologies trying to stay positive after US sanctions

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: April 16, 2021 in Industry News, Uncategorized

Tony Cole, CTO of Attivo Networks and an Obama-era US cybersecurity policy official, told The Register that the wider effects of the sanctions against Russia were likely to be “minimal” in the short term.

He said: “The impact from all the actions taken by the US government [is] undetermined at this point in time. Although the actions are badly needed by the US and its allies to hopefully counter Russian aggression, many past efforts, sanctions, and plans, have had little impact. Actions by Russian and Chinese state based actors or their proxies (and other nations) have been taking place for many years and efforts in the past to counter them have stuttered, stalled, or just completely failed. A close-knit global effort is required to have an impact on these government actors and entities to stop their IP theft, meddling in elections, and compromising critical infrastructure.”

“Unless we are willing to make them an island via isolation,” he continued, referring to Russia, “these types of actions will likely continue. The effort from the US government should be applauded for calling them out, however the impact may end up being minimal.”

Read the full article at The Register.

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