Theft of intellectual property, modification of source code, and sabotage of websites, manufacturing facilities and reputations are all top concerns for the high-tech sector. Networks are often built with ubiquitous access, extensive internal and 3rd party collaboration, and a receptiveness to the use of devices of employees’ preference and for employee self-administered device maintenance.

As a result of the high-value information these organizations guard and the complex IT environment in which they operate, high-tech organizations have become a prime target for adversaries.  High-tech organizations must take extensive measures to closely protect intellectual property (IP) and patents from both external adversaries and insiders working on their behalf.

Attivo Networks provides deception-based threat detection techniques to help organizations dramatically increase the speed to which threats inside the network are uncovered, understand an attacker’s intent, and establish a defense against future attacks.

Why Detection is a Priority for the High Tech Sector


Threat to Manufactures

The manufacturing sector is the leading target of infrastructure cyberattacks.

Rising Cybercrime Costs

Cost of Stolen Information

Increased by 4.8%  year over year to $148.

IP Theft

Costs the US economy $225- $600 billion per year.

Icon for insider threats

Insider Threats

44% of breaches are attributable to insiders.


High-Tech organizations choose Attivo Networks® deception-based threat detection for:

Early Threat Detection

Quick, efficient, and reliable detection of internal and external human and automated attackers that are targeting intellectual property, customer data, or manufacturing facilities.

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Vulnerability Visibility

Accurate visibility and topographical maps of exposed attack paths, attack sequencing and replay.

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Easily scale detection across a distributed attack surface including cloud, data centers, IoT, and ICS devices.

Automated Attack Analysis & Forensics

Faster investigation and simplified incident handling with attack correlation, rich forensics and automated response actions.

Counter Intelligence


Understand attacker intent with DecoyDocs technology, which provides insight into types of documents targeted and geolocation beaconing.


Targeted Attacks

Adversaries will often exploit infected endpoints to extract credentials and target Active Directory to discover the locations of the assets that they wish to compromise. The Attivo ThreatDefend Solution provides customizable and nonintrusive decoy, credential lure, and data deception technology that redirects the attacks to a deception environment that will alert of an attack.

Insider & 3rd Party Contractor Threats

Gain visibility and detection of insider, supplier, and trusted 3rd party in-network nefarious actions and policy violations. The Attivo deception network provides valuable insight into unauthorized network access and attempts to steal credentials for attack escalation. Detailed threat intelligence provides the substantiation required to take corrective actions.


IP Theft

To protect against patent, important document, and intellectual property theft, Attivo Networks deception technology will provide not only early in-network threat detection, but also the ability to understand threat, adversary, and counterintelligence. The platform’s DecoyDocs solution provides deception files that provide insight into what is being targeted and geolocation services, which alert when documents are accessed.



Deception is playing a critical role in protecting against ransomware attacks such as WannaCry, Petya/NotPetya, Qakbotand Locky. Mapped deception drives will redirect the attacker to a deception environment. High interaction deception techniques engage and occupy the attacker, providing security teams the time needed to quarantine the infected system before the attack can spread and cause additional damage. Native integrations facilitate automated isolation.


Specialty Detection Capabilities

Defend all attack surfaces, from networks to specialized devices, special-use services and applications. Deception coverage includes data centers, clouds, user networks, and specialized environments such as IoT, ICS-SCADA, POS, and network infrastructure such as routers and switches, telecommunications devices. Customization can also be applied for specialized applications and services.

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Threat Deception Case Studies

Implementing Deception to Stop Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

A global semiconductor manufacturer
Use case is to protect their IP and prevent repeat attacks, as they had already experienced a breach by a Chinese hacker group. They have a small security team and needed high fidelity alerting.
Protecting Intellectual Property

Protecting Intellectual Property with the Attivo Networks Solution

A global semiconductor manufacturer
Use case is to protect intellectual property chip design and lab environments.


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Substantiated Alerts. Useful Reports.

“We love our Attivo Networks BOTsink. We are alerted to anyone (or software) port scanning or hacking on our systems. The reports are very useful and I have a mature best practice solution that I can now present to the Audit Committee.”

Sr. Director at Top Biotech Company