SC Media ThreatDefend Platform v5.0 Review

Security pros will find the Attivo ThreatDefend Platform a comprehensive detection product that uses machine learning to customize decoys based on the systems, applications, and environments into which it has been deployed and adds endpoint components to hide data and deflect port and service scans to decoys…

Attivo Networks Named a 2021 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

Attivo Networks is honored to be recognized for the fifth year in a row as a Distinguished Vendor. Additional information and an interview with CEO Tushar Kothari can be found starting on page 92.

Cyber Deception Significantly Reduces Data Breach Costs & Improves SOC Efficiency

The combination of detecting attacks early, reducing the cost of a data breach by an over 60%, and improving SOC efficiencies by 32% can result in significant savings for organizations both large and small. When paired with the ability to boost EDR detection rates by over 42%, according to testing with the MITRE ATT&CK® framework DIY tool, this can be a powerful security control to add to every defender’s arsenal.

SINC Report: The Cybersecurity Landscape: Challenges & How to Overcome Them

This study measured the state of cybersecurity today in the United States. SINC contacted companies with 1,000+ employees, with over $25 million in annual sales. The title levels of respondents included: CISO, CIO, Cybersecurity Director, Security Risk Officer/Manager, Directory of Security, and VP of Security.

2019 Top Threat Detection Trends Survey

Throughout 2019, Attivo Networks conducted worldwide research to capture top trends related to cybersecurity threat detection. The company surveyed 1,249 security professionals with participants in North America, LATAM, Europe, and Australia, representing predominantly midsize and large firms across 15 different industry sectors.

HardenStance Briefing – Telcos Invest in Fake Infrastructure

Attivo Networks cites a large North American telco as a customer that has derived tangible information security gains from using its ThreatDefend Deception Platform. Deception technology serves an important role in helping close the loop in cyber security across threat protection, detection and mitigation phases.

Cyber Deception Systems – Market Segment Report

Read the full Cyber Deception Systems report from Wellington Research to find out how Cyber deception Systems introduce a new defensive cyber paradigm unlike anything in the market today.

ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™): A Definitive Market Guide to Deception Technology

This research from EMA  highlights how enterprises are using deception technology, the value they see in it, the challenges they have with it, and how they intend to use it in the future.

Survey Report: Top Threat Detection Concerns and Trends

To gain more insights into top detection trends, Attivo Networks® surveyed more than 450 cybersecurity professionals and executives globally to gain insights into detection trends, top threat concerns, attack surface concerns, and what’s on their 2019 security wish list.

Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report

What if defenders could see the future? If they knew an attack was coming, they could stop it, or at least mitigate its impact and help ensure what they need to protect most is safe. The fact is, defenders can see what’s on the horizon. Many clues are out there—and obvious.

2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual-Volume 3

Attivo Networks is a Distinguished Vendor in this year’s 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual for the second year running.

Attivo Networks 2017 Survey Report: Need for Visibility and Efficiency Drives Rapid Shift to Detection

This study, sponsored by Attivo Networks, surveyed security professionals representing a diverse set of industries, including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and education, as well as a wide spectrum of sizes measured by both revenue and number of employees. The survey reveals a significant shift in security budgets from prevention to detection devices.

2019 TAG Cyber Security Handbook and Reference Guide

Attivo Networks is a distinguished vendor in the annual 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual – Outlook for Fifty Cyber Security Controls. The Annual is a practical handbook and reference guide, designed for the working cybersecurity professional, created from expert advisory research based on discussions, interviews, website material, and other information.