Attivo Networks takes a modern approach to network security and operates on the premise that attackers will get inside the network. Attivo has created advanced network security solutions that use deception based threat detection techniques to help retail organizations dramatically increase the speed to which threats inside the network are uncovered, understand a attacker’s intent, and establish a defense against future attacks.

The Attivo Networks active deception techniques are authentic and proven to detect threats targeted at exfiltrating client records and valuable business information stored in data centers, transacted by POS solutions, shared with business partners and third parties, and associated with Internet/web presence, HTTPS.

Why Detection is a Priority for the Retail Industry


Increasing Threats

26% Increase in Attacks in Early 2020

Point of Sale

Point-of-Sale Attacks

Top threat to the retail industry

Retail Sector

Monthly Attacks

Every month, 44% of retail firms get hit by an average of 50+ cyberattacks.

Median time to Detection

Median Time to Detection

197 days in the retail sector.


Retail organizations choose Attivo Networks® deception-based threat detection for:

Early and Accurate Detection

Efficient and reliable detection of internal and external human and automated attackers. Quickly detect unauthorized access and policy violations.

visibility icon

In-Network Visibility

Accurate visibility to all areas of a retail organization’s IT infrastructure for reconnaissance activity, lateral movement, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, actions that target Active Directory, and unknown attacks that bypass perimeter defenses.

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Proactive Defense

Preempt attacks with a minefield of decoy and deception designed to deter and derail attacks and for return risk mitigation.


Easily scale to support legacy infrastructure through to modern day cloud container and serverless architectures.  Application, data, and database deceptions add additional detection benefits.

Authenticity and Flexibility

Attivo Networks provides highly interactive decoys and lures that are 100% customizable to a retailer’s environment for additional authenticity.

Automated Attack Analysis and Response

Improved incident response through attack analysis of techniques, lateral movement, infected systems, and signatures required to stop the attack. Native integration automate incident response.


In-Network Visibility

Retail organizations manage a complicated network that can include corporate and business assets, remote store networks, customer-facing web applications, and networks that operate Point-of-Sale systems. The Attivo Networks ThreatDefend deception and response platform is uniquely suited to provide eyes-inside-the-network visibility to all areas of a retail organization’s IT infrastructure. Benefits include the ability to quickly detect targeted attacks, unknown threats,  and policy violations that may come from external, supplier, or internal threat actors.

Lateral Movement to POS Systems

POS systems have proven to be a prime target to be breached because of the large financial gains that can be made. Attivo Networks empowers retail organizations by providing efficient detection of attacks targeting POS management severs an lateral movement throughout the network. The ThreatDefend™ platform can accurately detect threats by identifying the infected clients being used by attackers to propagate the attack. The solution significantly reduces detection time, providing the context retail organizations need for remediation of an attack and to mitigate the risk of an attacker’s return.

IoT Threats

As the amount of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to explode, the serious security complications surrounding these devices must be addressed by retail organizations concerned about protecting critical customer data.

The Attivo Networks platform can be configured to look identical to the IoT devices on an organizations network (signage, card readers, environmental control systems, etc.); engagement servers and decoys appear as real production IoT servers and services, deceiving attackers into thinking they’re authentic. By engaging with decoys and not with production devices, the attacker reveals themselves and can then be quarantined and studied for detailed forensics.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The Attivo Networks platform has a proven track record in playing a crucial role during M&A due diligence and post-acquisition integration for retail organizations. By detecting hidden threats, identifying security deficiencies, and providing risk visibility, these insights can be applied to mitigate risk and to strengthen the combined organization’s overall security posture. The platform can instantly detect and alert on suspicious behavior that may arise from new network access including insiders, suppliers, and contractors, and will provide detailed forensics to understand and quickly react/respond to anomalous behavior.

Insider Threats

It has become increasingly important for retail organizations to be able to identify and stop attacks from within. Whether these threats are from employees, contractors, or suppliers, insider threats start with the advantage of already being inside—often with privileged access to the network and sensitive information.  Deception technology is a tried-and-proven technique for outmaneuvering the adversary. Applying deception technology allows retail organizations to effectively protect sensitive assets and data from an insider threats and provides tools needed to quickly and accurately detect and identify suspicious or malicious insider activity.

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Attivo Networks is committed to delivering threat deception solutions to meet the needs of the retail industry. The company actively participates in R-CISC events, group education and information sharing.



Threat Deception Case Studies

Deception Technology Derails Compromise of POS Systems through Wi-Fi

Regional Retail Attivo Customer
The Attivo solution detected attacker reconnaissance and attempted payload drops involving Huntpos malware as it attempted to scan all the running processes to collect and track data, establish an exfiltration launch pad, and as a point to communicate with C2.
Access to Asset Management Servers

Attivo Networks Deception Platform for Compromise of Business Systems for Access to Asset Management Servers


Large Retail Chain


The Attivo solution picked up on malicious activity, malware, and MITM attacks inthe system.


POS Network to Study Effectiveness of Deception

Attivo Networks Deception Platform for Catch the Flag Exercise in a POS Network to Study Effectiveness of Deception


Mid-size retailer


The Attivo Networks Deception platform caught a POS malware attack.



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Actionable Alerts

“The most important thing you do is provide me alerts based on confirmed activity… you are my eyes and ears on the inside of my network… the nerve center.”

Sr. Director of Info Sec at Top 50 Retail Organization