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Emerging Vendors 2017: Security Startups You Need To Know

10:51 11 August in Attivo News

Attivo Networks provides detection, analysis and automated response to in-network threats. The Attivo Deception and Response Platform detects advanced, stolen credential, insider and ransomware attacks within user networks, data centers, cloud and specialty environments by deceiving attackers into revealing themselves. ThreatOps playbooks and third-party integrations...

2017 Security 100: 25 Coolest Network Security Vendors

08:39 19 April in Attivo News, Awards

Coolest Network Security VendorsNetwork security offerings provide the foundation for many companies’ security portfolios. However, the space has demanded change, as network perimeters disappear and threats continue to penetrate at an ever-increasing pace. To meet that, there has been an emergence of new offerings in...