Zusy Malware: Malicious Attack Installs Via Mouseover

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: June 9, 2017 in Industry News

A new round of spam campaigns discovered by security researchers require extra caution by users since simply running the cursor over the malicious link can lead to the installation of malware. The attack, highlighted by cyberintelligence analyst Ruben Dodge, takes advantage of a vulnerability found in...

US Power Grid in Imminent Danger of Cyber-Attack

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: January 9, 2017 in Industry News

The US Energy Department says the electricity system "faces imminent danger" from cyber-attacks, which are growing more frequent and sophisticated, but grid operators say they are already on top of the problem. In the department’s Quadrennial Energy Review, it warned that a widespread power outage caused...

16-30 April 2016 Cyber Attacks Timeline

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: May 23, 2016 in Industry News

It’s now time to publish the second timeline of April (Part I here) covering the main cyber-attacks occurred between 16 and 30 April 2016. A fortnight quite reach of interesting events, and characterized by two trends inherited from the first half of the month: the...