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More than 370,000 Duke Energy customers’ personal info may have been exposed in data breach

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: December 5, 2017 in Industry News

More than 370,000 Duke Energy customers may have had their information hacked. On Friday, a company that Duke Energy uses to process its customer’s payments from walk-in locations announced the breach, which could affect about 1.6 million customers overall, WYFF reports. The third-party vendor in question is...

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Why you should fear phishing more than data breaches

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: November 14, 2017 in Industry News

For some people, Google controls most of their identity online, and losing access to that critical account could be devastating. A recent study from Google and UC Berkeley examined the various ways accounts are compromised, and determined that phishing attacks – not data breaches –...

Equifax warns data breach will hurt future sales

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: November 13, 2017 in Industry News

Equifax Inc on Friday warned that this year's massive data breach will harm the credit reporting company's future sales, saying it will reduce revenue and weigh on profit in the fourth quarter. Businesses and governments delayed signing new contracts in the third quarter and that trend...