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FBI Investigates University of Virginia Data Breach

10:48 29 January in Industry News

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently notified the University of Virginia (UVA) of a data exposure following an extensive law enforcement investigation.The University confirmed that, as a result of a phishing email scam, unauthorized individuals were able to access the human resources system, thus exposing...

Experts predict more cyber attacks on universities

12:10 26 January in Industry News

Attacks on major state universities will continue in 2016, according to a non-profit cybersecurity readiness organization that specializes in the public sector.And the problem is exacerbated because some state or small governments don’t have ‘mature’ cybersecurity plans in place, so they can’t mitigate it....

Juniper Debuts Unite Architecture For Campus Networks

22:18 28 October in Industry News

Juniper Networks today launched a new architecture for campus and branch networks with a new fabric that aims to simplify enterprise network management as companies shift to cloud services. As part of its new Unite architecture, Juniper also expanded its security portfolio with a new...