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Business Former Equifax executive charged with illegally trading before massive data breach was made public

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: March 14, 2018 in Industry News

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday charged a former Equifax executive with insider trading, alleging that he profited from confidential information about the massive data breach at the company that compromised sensitive data of 148 million people. Jun Ying, former chief information officer of a U.S. business unit of Equifax, faces...

Equifax under pressure after data breach update

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: February 12, 2018 in Industry News

Equifax is facing a fresh demand to disclose the full extent of last year's data breach, following a report that it was bigger than previously disclosed. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Friday that cyber-thieves had accessed US citizens' email addresses, tax ID numbers and...

Senators want ‘massive’ fines for data breaches at Equifax and other credit reporting firms

Reading Time: 2 minutes  |  Published: January 10, 2018 in Industry News

Two senators on Wednesday proposed “massive and mandatory” fines for data breaches at Equifax Inc. and other credit reporting companies, starting at $100 for each consumer whose sensitive information is compromised. The bill from Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) would add a $50...

After Equifax breach, anger but no action in Congress

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: January 2, 2018 in Industry News

The massive Equifax data breach, which compromised the identities of more than 145 million Americans, prompted a telling response from Congress: It did nothing. Some industry leaders and lawmakers thought September’s revelation of the massive intrusion — which took place months after the credit reporting agency...

Cuomo announces new regulations to tighten consumer protection after Equifax data breach

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: December 13, 2017 in Industry News

Gov. Cuomo on Tuesday ordered additional state oversight of consumer credit monitoring agencies following last summer’s data breach at Equifax. Cuomo directed the Department of State to enact new regulations that would, among other steps, require credit reporting agencies to respond within 10 days to any...

Equifax warns data breach will hurt future sales

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: November 13, 2017 in Industry News

Equifax Inc on Friday warned that this year's massive data breach will harm the credit reporting company's future sales, saying it will reduce revenue and weigh on profit in the fourth quarter. Businesses and governments delayed signing new contracts in the third quarter and that trend...