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Protecting Production AD in Response to the FireEye Breach

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: December 22, 2020 in

The recent release of FireEye tools included several for exploiting Active Directory. Once an attacker is inside the network, AD is often the primary target as it readily enables enumerating privileged accounts and critical objects. The Attivo ADSecure solution prevents unauthorized queries from tools like...

Hunting Threats with FireEye and Attivo Networks Webinar

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: August 5, 2020 in

Join this webinar with Chris Unick of FireEye and Joseph Salazar of Attivo Networks to reduce the time and resources required to detect threats, analyze attacks, and remediate infected endpoints, ultimately decreasing your organization’s risk of breaches and data loss. Attivo Networks® has partnered with FireEye...

Key Detection Takeaways from the M-Trends Report. Hint: It’s not getting better.

Reading Time: 4 minutes  |  Published: June 14, 2018 in Blogs, Deception

Written by: Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer and CMO Last week, we looked at the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, which outlined high-level trends across thousands of breaches and cybersecurity incidences. The report showed that despite organizations’ best efforts to get more proactive...