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Survey says 3/4 of consumers expect your company to be hacked

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: June 13, 2016 in Survey

Three quarters of consumers expect business and organisations to be hacked, a new study from cybersecurity firm Centrify reports. The Centrify Consumer Trust Survey interviewed 2400 consumers in the UK, US and Germany about issues such as their attitudes towards hacking, their likely actions when they...

Kovter malware upgrade takes it from mild to mean

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: June 2, 2016 in Industry News

Hackers are upgrading already planted Kovter malware with the goal of gaining broad access to Fortune 500 computer networks. Cybereason Lab found hackers are placing the click-fraud and adware tools on corporate systems and then upgrading the software into more malicious forms of malware capable of...

Chinese hackers blackmailing MT4 brokers with DDoS attacks

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: May 26, 2016 in Industry News

LeapRate has learned that a number of both large and small Retail Forex brokers running MT4 have been the subject of successful DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks originating out of China. MetaTrader4The hackers have apparently exploited a vulnerability in MT4, which is difficult to protect because of...

Hackers target banks in the Middle East

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: May 24, 2016 in Industry News

Researchers at the US cybersecurity company FireEye have discovered that hackers have begun to probe the defences of banks in the Middle East by targeting bank employees with malware-infected emails to collect information about bank networks and user accounts. The company started an investigation into the...