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Attivo Networks Announces 1st in Real-time Threat Detection for the Internet of Things (IOT)

11:19 25 May in Attivo (Company), Blogs, BOTsink Solutions, Deception, IoT, Threat Detection

This week Attivo Networks announced the first deception-based threat detection platform for the Internet of Things. This is another example of Attivo innovation and high demand for threat detection products, developed as a direct result of customer demand and the need for new approaches to...

IoT a heaven for hackers

14:55 26 April in Industry News

Those still finding it hard to envision the extent of the impact the Internet of Things' (IoT) will have on the way people live and work should try this: imagine for a moment the reality of a life without internet connectivity or the existence of...

IoT Security: It’s All About the Process

13:52 29 March in Industry News

Not long ago, nearly a thousand globally dispersed CCTV cameras were revealed to be enslaved to an IoT botnet for launching DDoS attacks. This news followed research indicating that several baby monitor products were laden with vulnerabilities exposing connected-home systems to a breach. And let’s...