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Targeted ransomware – it’s upon us. Are you ready?

Reading Time: < 1 minute  |  Published: October 2, 2020 in Attivo News

Ransomware is evolving. Threat actors are moving away from indiscriminate attacks, instead choosing their marks very carefully with precisely targeted ransomware to achieve their desired outcome. In addition to targeting specific companies, they are striking at the most important and lucrative parts of the network. Often this is done with complete disregard for ethics. For example, they have targeted COVID vaccine research and other confidential personal data, delivering such grim consequences as to give even the most steadfast CISO sleepless nights.

Pinpoint targeting makes malicious programmes challenging to prevent using conventional security controls. The solution is a layered defence. Conventional firewalls, endpoint protection, and detection and response tools need the backing of an in-network approach to counter threat actors once they try to move from their initial infected system. Organizations can build their layered defences by using deception techniques to lure threat actors away from the real IT environment, along with concealment techniques that hide and deny access from even the craftiest of attackers. All the while, critical data and network services like Active Directory stays safe and untouched.

Read the complete article by Carolyn Crandall in TEISS.

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